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Additions and Deletions

Product Additions & Deletions

This list is compiled on a cumulative basis for the current year and arranged in alphabetically sequence giving product trade name (not presentations) together with the month of addition or deletion. In the case of additions the pharmacological classification is given in brackets after the product trade name. The addition of a product to MIMS does not necessarily infer that it is a recent introduction or that in the case of a deletion it has been discontinued.

Product Additions

Aclasta (4.7.1) (re-instatement) March
Acnetret (14.6) March
Actamol (3.2) March
Acti-Lift (1.4.4) May
Acti-Prex (7.3.8) May
Adcetris (23) May
Adco Valsartan (7.3.9) May
Alkoxime (18.1.2) March
Arthru-Derm (4.3) May
Asic (1.8) re-instatement February
Bavir (18.12) April
Bencough (10.1.1) March
Bisoprolol Co Unicorn (7.3.3) February
Bren-400 (4.1.1) March
Casfolred (18.10) April
Cayona (1.1.2) April
Ciprofloxacin Fresenius April
Clomax (1.8) May
Codorol (3.3) May
Co-Ramiwin (7.3.8) February
Dulera (10.2.4) February
Duodart (19.8) May
Dynaval (7.3.9) April
Entresto (7.5) February
Erivedge (23) June
Exinef (4.1.3) April
Exomax (18.10) June
Feverpain (3.2) May
Fidicid (18.9) May
Goldgesic (3.3) May
Gulf Ferrous Sulphate Compound (8.6) June
Gulf Folic Acid 5 (20.1) June
Ilvitrim (18.6) June
Innuvair (10.2.4) May
Jardiance ( March
Jubezil (1.10) May
Kelopt (15.7) February
Keytruda (26) April
Levofloxacin Fresenius (18.7) June
Linctodyl Cough Linctus (10.1.1) May
Linezolid Fresenius 600 mg/300 ml April
Macleods Levofloxacin Tablets (18.7) May
Mediflex (4.1.1) May
Memantine Unichem 10 (1.10) May
Meridol-D Paed Syrup (3.3) May
Momate (14.4) May
Moxifloxacin Tablets Macleods (18.7) May
Nazovin April
Neucon (1.1.3) March
Norflex Gel (4.3) June
Nozer (12.4.4) re-instatement February
Oranix (11.3) February
Palexia (3.4) June
Pamiram (1.6) February
Pexasp (1.7.1) March
Pharmadol (3.3) May
Pharmatet (18.4) April
Pholtex Plus (10.1.1) May
Piperacillin/Tazobactam Fresenius April
Pregabalin Teva (1.6) February
Quinine Dihydrochloride Fresenius 300 mg/ml April
Rinol (11.1.4) May
Tamoltra (3.3) March
Taxokef (18.1.2) June
Toujeo (19.1.1) May
Truno (18.12) April
Ultibro Breezhaler (10.2.4) June
Yasmin Plus (17.1.1) February
Yaz Plus (17.1.1) February
Zenvir (18.12) April

Product Deletions

Acriptaz February
Altargo June
Amlosyn May
Anzatax May
Aspen Carvedilol May
Aspen Risperidone March
Atolip February
BCG Culture SSI May
Benzyl Penicillin Fresenius Vials April
Butobloc May
Cardifen May
Cefazolin Fresenius Vials April
Cefotaxime Fresenius April
Cernevit May
Cloxacillin Fresenius Vials April
Covostet June
Cubicin February
Cytarabine-Faulding May
Diamox May
Diprivan February
Efamat February
Emla February
Equinal March
Erymycin May
Gemini June
Halothane April
Hyoscine Butylbromide Fresenius April
Hypomide March
Ibucine May
Isofor April
Isopto-Homatropine 2% April
Isordil March
Kestine May
Leucovorin-Faulding May
Meronem February
Mylan Cefazolin February
Mylan Gemcitabine February
Naropin February
Nebcin May
Nevasta April
Nicolift May
Oliclinomel May
P&U Methotrexate February
Peristar February
Phenylephrine Covan June
Quinaspen May
Retocar June
Rocephin June
Sandomigran February
Starlix February
Stelazine May
Suprane May
Tinaderm April
Tisseel Kit May
Triptam March
Valant May
Xylocaine February
Zapto May
Zapto-Co May
Zarontin April
Zidomat February
Zinforo February
Zyloprim March