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Important Information for Prescribers:

When prescribing any product listed, clinicians are reminded that when compiling product entries the following general disclaimers regarding certain safety aspects have been taken into account. These aspects will not necessarily appear in the listing. Only where they are of particular clinical significance to a product have they been included.

  • Hypersensitivity to the ingredient(s)/components of any medicine contra-indicates its use.
  • Medicines should not be prescribed to pregnant or lactating women unless the anticipated benefit clearly outweighs any potential risk to the foetus/infant.
  • The possibility of drug accumulation should be considered in the presence of significant renal or hepatic impairment.
  • Tolerance to medicines is likely to be less with extremes of age.
  • Side-effects refer only to those which occur at the recommended dosages and correct route of administration.
  • Drug interferences with laboratory tests and physical incompatibilities common with parenteral solutions have not been included.
  • Certain medicines (ie those that cause CNS depression) may lead to drowsiness and impaired concentration, which may be aggravated by the simultaneous intake of alcohol or other central nervous system depressant agents.
  • All entries have been compiled strictly in accordance with the package insert processed by the publisher.
  • Mono-amine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) have a prolonged action, so patients should not take any of the foods or medicines known to cause reactions for at least 14 days after stopping treatment.
  • Dosages given are for adults only unless otherwise stated.
  • Only registered indications for products are listed. Prescribers must weigh the benefit against risk when using products "off label".